Why I Created this Course?

With the growth of social media; the demand for Photography, Cinematography, Makeup artistry, Fashion Styling, Influencing & other creative skills has rapidly increased resulting in an influx of people into the industry.

I realized there is a ton of information on how to get better at creating but nobody really talks about how to convert your skill into a business. Using the knowledge I've acquired from working as a Photographer & Multifaceted creative for Global brands like ASUS, Pepsi, TECNO, MTN, Hennessy & a host of others, I'll teach you how I've been able to navigate the creative industry over the last couple years & also share tips I've applied to build & maintain a thriving career.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Course Intro

    3. Build a Business Mindset

    4. Invest In Yourself and Craft

    5. Find or Create a Niche

    6. How To Find or Create a Niche

    7. Why do you need a Niche?

    8. Branding and Marketing

    9. The power of Social Media

    10. Social Media: Putting out Your work

    11. Social Media: Bio

    12. Social Media: Available Platforms

    13. Social Media: Sponsored Ads & Targeting

    14. Social Media: PR ( Promotion )

    1. Pricing

    2. Handling Clients

    3. Building a Team

    4. Evolve & Diversify

    5. Q&A Session

    6. Now, lets get it!!!

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Why should I take this course?

If you are in any Creative Discipline & need answers to at least two of these questions, then this course is for you.

  • How do I get clients & target brands to book me consistently?

  • How do I maximize & generate revenue?

  • How do I stay ahead of the competition using branding, positioning & marketing?

  • How do I evolve & diversify my sources of income?

  • How do I find my niche & build a brand that stands out from the rest?

Meet Your Instructor

Amazing Klef

Founder, Amazing Klef Academy

Amazing Klef is a Photographer & Multifaceted Creative based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is best known for his creative imagery & is among the handful of Creatives in Africa that has worked with the crème-de la-crème of the industry and also an impressive number of Global & National brands. Read more on

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